KiraKira Treasure Box
Let's play a death game...
Is this film steam-punk? Mecha? Fantasy? Sci-fi? IDK, take your pick. 
This is it. I've found the only gaming anime worth watching. Every other show can go home.
A chapter for the fans, clearly.
Homosexuality, sexual assault, rape, PTSD... this manga sure ticks a whole lot of "taboo topics" in one go.
Hahahaha Shin-ah still isn't wearing his mask, my soul is saved :')
O-ho! You thought I only played Japanese games? Wrong!
It's not the chapter we wanted, but it's the chapter we needed.
My second monthly post in a row?? Might I have learnt my lesson on keeping to schedule with this series at last???
Haha, bye guys my life is complete, I can return to my planet now :')
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